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Paving the way forward

Driveways & Parking lots

No matter what type of asphalt paving project you’re undertaking, choosing the right contractor is paramount. Asphalt contractors need to be trained in the proper way to evaluate the soil that will lay under the pavement, evaluate the surrounding terrain for potential drainage issues, design the pavement from its foundation down to the top layer, and select the best asphalt mix for the project. 

A parking area in front of a commercial space with various cars parked, and a series of palm trees lining the side
A bulldozer at a road construction site, with work in progress under a clear sky

expert grading

A strong, level foundation is the first step to any new project or repair of an old one. Building a driveway for a new home or business? Without a solid foundation, no project can stand up to the elements. This guiding principle has helped Black Diamond Asphalt® become one of the leading asphalt pavers in the area.

Residential Asphalt Services in Perris, CA

paving & Tarring

Asphalt paving is economical to install, costing less than comparable concrete pavement. Asphalt pavement can be installed and open for traffic in as little as 48 hours, making it the perfect option for you. When an asphalt pavement needs to be maintained or repaired, the procedures are also fast and cost-effective. In addition to being an economical choice, asphalt pavements offer better safety than concrete. Asphalt pavement provides superior traction, a smoother ride, and the dark color helps eliminate the possibility of encountering sun glare. 

A man is working on tarring the road
A man is patching the road in front of a building, with a Black Diamond Asphalt van parked along with other cars

patching & maintenance

Left unchecked, potholes and cracks can become much worse with time. Asphalt patching is a quick and cost-effective technique used to fix small cracks or potholes. Older parking lots may need to be resurfaced for maximum safety, performance, and appearance. Our pavement experts will provide you with proven strategies that work best for your budget and repair needs.

seal coating

Oil, gas, sun exposure, battery acid, road salts, and even water can damage your asphalt surfaces and make them look worn out. Sealcoating adds a protective layer over your asphalt surface to extend its life expectancy, protect it from further damage, and rejuvenate its current appearance.

Someone is applying seal coating
Stripes visible in the parking area in front of the office


Is your parking lot looking faded and worn out? Keeping parking lot stripes visible and clean is vital to the safety and appearance of your parking lot. We specialize in re-trimming new layouts, resurfacing existing paving marks, and maintaining ADA compliance.

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